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Deriviere Medical & Health Care Staffing takes pride in giving exceptional services to our clients. Check out their feedback about their experiences with us.

10 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Deriviere Medical has made a huge difference in the care they have provided to Mr. Hovannesian. We will forever be indebted to all of the caregivers from Deriviere Medical. They have truly been a group of outstanding professionals as well as kind hearted and caring individuals. I want to thank each and every one of you for making Mr. Havannesian so happy and at ease in the comfort of his own home.

  2. When I needed care for my husband Deriviere Medical was there for me. I was very concerned at the time about my husband’s emotional condition, but the team from Deriviere Medical assured me that he would be in good hands and rest assured they were absolutely correct with that assessment. I want to thank Deriviere Medical and all the caregivers for being incredibly kind, compassionate, and caring. I just want to thank Fabiola, Fabienne, Kayla, and Oumou for being such a being such a big help to my husband and myself.

  3. Thank you deriviere Medical for being there for us when we needed you the most. Your staff members are true professionals who are both dependable and reliable and they provide excellent service and for that I thank you.

  4. Thank you Wichnite for keeping up with my illness even though I could be a challenge at times. You are an exceptional nurse who has great traits such as generosity, thoughtfulness, compassion, and understanding toward others. You are very proficient in all that you do and that is why you are the best!

  5. Thank You Deriviere Medical for Oliver. From the very beginning he knew how to take care of my husband whom I’m very grateful for because I know how much of a challenge that can be at times. He has such a skill that has really fitted well in our daily lives and has been a tremendous help to us. He has helped with things such as ADL, cooking, laundry, and light housekeeping. He shows and maintains great professionalism when taking care of my husband. Oliver has been a God sent to Andrew and the rest of my family.

  6. We are very pleased already with your caregiver’s daily performances. They were the best we’ve ever had. We do like the daily progress note, it has helped a lot with what is going on in Al’s life everyday. Deriviere Medical is the best deal we could have asked for.

  7. The service at Deriviere Medical was absolutely fantastic. I really want to thank Wichnite for always being there even when Mother Nature made it difficult to do so. I am thankful for you finding a way to work around all that and to take care of me. No matter what the weather condition I could always count on you coming to see me.

  8. The nurses at Deriviere Medical are truly nurses who have displayed the 6 C’s: Caring, compassion, commitment, competence, conscience, and confidentiality. We are very pleased with your nurses and all of their knowledge and experience. I want to thank all of them for all the hard work and dedication they put into their craft You are all excellent at what you do.

  9. Deriviere Medical you are always there for us, whenever we call, you respond to our needs. You make us feel comfortable to call day or night with whatever concerns we may have about our father, no matter how big or small they may be.

  10. Good job Wichnite for taking such good care of our mother. We are very grateful for all you have been done.

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